Pine Cones

These woody, deep chocolate reproductive bodies of the American pine tree can be used in a variety of decorative arrangements, craft projects or simply spread across the table for festive accents at Holiday get-togethers. Available in many types and sizes,most are Austriaca, lobblolly and slash cones. Pine cones are mounted on 8 inch green wire stems, giving you much more constructive availability than a short wooden pic. Stemmed pine cones are .35 cents each or .20 cents each bulk.Minimum order 100. Price quoted below is for 100 stemmed pine cones. Please specify size or type and contact us for large quantity bulk pricing.
Giant Burr Oak Acorns 1 Dz.

The Bur Oak tree is one of the largest species of oak tree in North America, so its only fitting that its acorn be equally massive. At two inches or larger in diameter, the acorns of the Bur Oak are highly prized for both their size and hairy caps that encircle the entire nut. Beautiful natural or any color that you order. Acorns harvested by Ozark Quality are mounted on paper wire stems at $8.00 per dozen or sold bulk for .40 cents each. Contact us for large quantity bulk order quotes or questions.
Olive bight Mini lotus pods 1 Dz.

One of our new items that has had tremendous response have been the color enhanced Mini Lotus Pods. Dozens are $7.00 and bulk price .25 cents. 100 bulk. Price below is for 1 Dozen. Contact us for any questions or color variations. Or mix and match. Just let me know what you need!
American Lotus Pod Seeds

The American lotus is a lovely flowering plant that thrives in moderately shallow water. Long stems extend from the mud to above the surface of the water producing a beautiful flowering blossom and elephant ear lily pads. The lily's wide petal and vivid yellow heart add beauty and tranquility to any lake, pond or water garden. Simple to grow with easy planting instructions on the packet. 30 viable hardy seeds per package. $6.00 per package. Plant in March, April or May, produces flowers to early September with bright green lotus pod in the center. Pod will then get large as a saucer, snap pod off after it turns brown and shake seeds out for next year! Contact Us for any questions or large bulk quotes!
Giant Acorn Caps per 100 Lg.

These are the caps of the Giant Burr Oak Acorn tree from the acorns they produce. Monsters! we harvest that have that signature "hair sround the edges". Perfect for bowls, vases, crafts, etc. We use them to make our "Birdnest with eggs" found on the Spring, Holiday and Seasonal page. Large ones 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches across are .35 cents each, minimum 100 caps per box. Medium caps are 2 to 2 1/2 inches across for .25 cents each. Contact us for large quantity quotes. They range from 2 to 3 inches across and are hard and woody.
Magnolia Pods AKA Pineapple Pods

When unripe, the seed pods of the Magnolia tree slightly resemble a green pineapple. When ripened, harvested and preserved, these hard and woody pods make a beautiful addition to any floral arrangemant. As a product of nature, they come in varying shades of green and sizes, usually varying from 3 to 6 inches in length. Many of my customers call them "pineapple pods". Sold in sleeved packs of six mounted on green paper wire stems for $6.00 per pack or sold bulk for .40 cents natural, they are also available in colors of basil (most popular) red, orange, gold and silver. Be sure to see our Holiday Special page for all our colored holiday items. Contact us for large quantity bulk order quotes or questions!
Devil Claw 1 dz.

DEVIL CLAW Ozark Quality is the only supplier known of these wicked, unique hard to find pods. Hard, woody and flexible. Dozens mounted on 14 inch green wire stems $8.00 per dozen or .70 cents bulk. Contact us for any questions. Better Picture's coming soon! Contact us for any questions! .
Brown Lotus Pods 1 dz.

These hard, woody pods are harvested in America since 1954. They are not the Asiatic lotus pods commonly called "paper lotus." which arrive already crushed and have not near the beauty of the American Lotus pod.
Giant Brown Lotus Pods 6 pk.

Giant Brown Lotus Pods from Ozark Quality Products. These unique pods are some of the largest I have harvested in over 20 years. Some are over 5 inches across! Contact us for questions, color preferences, or large quantity orders. Guaranteed to be the largest lotus pods available in the USA! $7.00 per 6 pack. Bulk loose price is .75 cents each. minimum 100. Giant lotus out of stock until late August. All other sizes available!!! Sorry, they sold quick!
Mini green lotus pods 5 Dz.

Ozark Quality harvests the mini green lotus pods out of the center of the lotus flower and preserves it to lock in the beautiful bright green color, though some may have natural yellow or blue swirls. Again, they are hard and woody. Ever seen the asiatic type offered by some wholesalers and chain craft stores? Once you try these you will never purchase another one from them. Sold in dozens at $7.00 per dozen mounted on 14 inch green wire stems or .25 cents bulk, they liven up any fresh or dried floral arrangement. Contact us for large bulk pricing estimates. Five dozen minimum order. Or mix and match your order. Contact me and tell me what you want and I will make it happen!
Green Lotus Pods

Ozark Quality Products are the ONLY supplier of Green Baked Lotus Pods. Sold by the dozen for $8.00 on 14 inch green paper wire stems or .50 cents bulk heads. Once you try them, the designer's love them They will retain their natural green color for years! Great for wreaths, arrangements and casket designs. Contact us for large bulk inquiries.