Sea Oats

Ozark Quality Products is the only supplier of this beautiful oat-like wild grass that we once harvested near the beaches. In the early 1980's, it became illegal to harvest dune grasses. We were lucky enough to discover an agriculture department experimenting on seaoats natural pesticide ability trying to find out why sea oats repelled mice and rodents. They will not eat it or get around it. We purchased seed and now grow 6 acres of sea oats, selling out nearly every year. Many of my customers put bundles in with their wheats and dried items and it naturally keeps pests away. Designers love this non-shedding item, with its beautiful green color and unique heads. Sold in bundles of 100 stems per bundle and sleeved for $7.00. This product has to be grown, specially cut, shucked and preserved. Just another reason to do business with us, we do go out of our way to provide you with the prettiest, most unique grasses for your projects! Contact us with any questions.
American Pencil Cattails

This is the item that got us started in 1954! Our first item was to provide wholesale florist cattails. From then we have cut and sold over three million! Ozark pencil or miniature cattail's require very hard work and many processes for the finished item. Pencil sized (or a little smaller or larger) cattail's are sold shucked and tipped in bundles of 50 cattail's per bundle for $15.00. Contact us for quotes on large quantity orders and questions.Our treated cattail's will not fluff.These are not the imported cattails that the heads and tips are dyed or the colorless India variety. These are American cattails.

Another exotic grass native to the praries is foxtail. A beautifil tall grass that the top tufts resemble a fox's tail. The plant is bright green and holds it beauty for years. Foxtail is approx. 4' tall, twist tied and sleeved with tough stems and is sold 100 stems per bundle for $7.00. Perfect for any arrangement. Contact us for any questions.
Bearded Wheat Kansas

Qzark Quality is located in extreme southeast Kansas and the amber waves of grain start here. Our bearded wheat is a gorgeous golden green throughout the stems to its feathery tips. Sold in bundles of 100 stems approximately 4' tall, it is a must for any designer. Harvested at the right time and preserved, it will be beautiful for years . As with most of our grasses, they are sleeved and ready for wholesale. Contact us for any questions. Price per bundle of 100 stems is $8.00
Display Cattails with Shucks

Dispaly Cattail's are about the size of your thumb with the natural shucks attached approximately 4' tall. When twist ties are removed, the shucks spread out making a perfect vase filler or for any tall arrangement. The cattail's have been preserved to prevent fluffing. I don't know anywhere else that handles them. Sold by the dozen for $6.00. Usually sold 10 dozen per bundle. Price quoted below is for 10 dozen. Contact us for any questions.
Wild Bearded Mexican Wheat

Ozark Quality is the only supplier of this unique wild grass, a relative to the wheat family. It has long whiskers and is a deep golden green color and it is a non-grain wheat, which means mice will not eat it, a big concern for many companies. Its stalk is twice as thick as ordinary wheat and its bushy plush whiskers are larger than regular wheat. It cannot be planted and grown and finding it in large patches are few and far between. The extra work is probably why you won't find it anywhere else. We simply want you to have the best. Each stalk has been shucked. Try it once and you won't use any other. Contact us if you have any questions The price per bundle of 100 stems is $8.00.
Tiki/Bear Grass

Tiki or Bear Grass as it is called some places grows on the Plains of Kansas. Tall, willowy and flowing is beautiful as a stand alone in a large vase or floral arrangements. It averages 5 feet tall or more. Price is for a bundle of 10 bunches. A bunch is hard to get your hand around. Contact us for any questions for shorter or longer bundles.
Curly Raffia

Ozark Quality's Curly Raffia is the finest available. Sold in 12 ounce hanks and approximately 4' long it is no doubt the prettiest raffia on the market. For use in arrangements, baskets or whatever project you need, give us a try. Sold by the hank at $8.00. Contact us for large quantity orders or questions.
Meadowlark Flax

Another item exclusively from Ozark Quality. Meadowlark Flax is a wild grass that looks like a green brownish stick with hard seed balls growing all the way to the top with two or three leaders. This plant is amost indestructible and ranges 3 to 4 feet tall. Painted Christmas red, many of my customers use this painted instead of Holly or Ilex berries, which berries fall off continuously. Please visit my Holiday Page to view red flax. It is so pretty natural, I almost hate to paint it. Deigners love to use this item. Sold in dozens for $7.00. Sold 10 dozen to a bundle. Price quoted is for 10 dozen. Contact us if you wish less or have any questions. The balls/berriies do not fall off.
Colors Corn Tassels

Corn Tassel's from the plains of Kansas.Sold in dozens, our most popular colors is olive bright, red and gold and silver. Beautiful, non shedding with good texture, add highlights to any arrangement. Grown and harvested in the USA. I will be happy to mix and match colors or work on specific orders. Minimum order is 10 dz. tops, $7.00 per Dz.
Corn Tassels

CORN TASSELS From the fields of Kansas is a new item Corntops/Tassels. Sold in dozens and about 18 inches long, they make an excellent filler for your arrangements. Non-shedding and long lasting, each tassel has 6 to 8 leaders besides the tip which stands straight. Available in colors upon request (See Holiday and colors page). $6.00 per dozen. Because of freight, minimum order is 10 dozen (unless you want to mix and match,contact us). Price quoted below is for 10 dozen corn tassels.