Fresh Blue Juniper

Fresh Blue Juniper smells like Christmas! One of the longest lasting Christmas greenery, it stays much fresher than pine or conifer trees. All branches are heavily berried and will last until after Christmas without the shedding like other fresh Christmas pine branches. Sold in bundles of 6 3 to 4 foot branches for $10.00. Minimum order 6 bundles. Contact usfor large quantity orders or under minimum order for freight quote.
Equestrian Bamboo Fresh

LIVE ROOTED EQUESTRIAN BAMBOO Equestrian Bamboo is truly one of the oldest forms of plant life on Earth, changing little or any since dinosaurs feasted upon them. This in itself lets you know it is a very hardy plant. Harvested live and rooted, this item has opened our doors to nurseries, florists, landscapers and water garden enthusiasts. As an attractive addition to water gardens, these lush green stems can sprout up to 4' tall. and grows as thick as the picture above. Easy to grow in or out of water, in shade or full sun, simply plant the bundles of dozens in a bucket to be submerged in the water garden, or plant 3" deep in good soil where you want it to grow. This hardy tough plant is slightly invasive, but easy to control. I have many florists that place their bundles in buckets with a little water in them in the back of the store and and cut peices of the ever growing plant for arrangements and sprays, while new shoots continue to grow. Sold in dozens live at $6.00 per dozen it grows year-round. Contact us if you have any questions.
Bittersweet Bundles

Ozark Bittersweet is the most beautiful variety in the USA. Two packets of 50 stems to a bundle, total of 100 stems for easy retail.Bittersweet from the Ozarks is the type that grows from vines with draping berries the size of peas. Harvested fresh, the berries will harden and preserve themselves with no shedding. Many customers can store it and use it for two years. Bittersweet is the best selling item in the early Fall! Its season begins ranges from August to Christmas. Please place your order early due to high demand. Prepay orders are already coming in! Purchase yours now before we are booked up! Ozark Quality sells bundles of 100 stems/branches approximately 12 inches tall or swags 4 to 6 feet long, perfect for a wedding trellis, doorways or windows. The swags consist of four to six vines draping with berries. The price is $25.00 per bundle. Price includes shipping.
Fresh Green Lotus Pods

RESH GREEN LOTUS PODS ON NATURAL STEM available July to Sept. Only! Ozark Quality are the lotus pod experts, so call us when you want brilliant green, medium to saucer-sized fresh green lotus pods on natural stems! The few I have seen at my wholesale customers ordered them from Hawaii, and I bet the price and the shipping costs hurt. Our American green lotus are harvested and shipped the same day to ensure you get the freshest pods possible. Available a limited time from early July to late August, get your orders in quick. Like the Bittersweet, first called, first served. The green pod has a life span about the same as a rose, approx. two to three weeks. Fresh green lotus on 18 inch natural stems are $3.00 each and must be shipped two day maximum. Shipping calculator will not apply to this product. Contact us for estimates or questions. Minimum order 20 fresh pods. Price quoted below are for 20 pods.
American Lotus Pod Seeds

The American lotus is a lovely flowering plant that thrives in moderately shallow water. Long stems extend from the mud to above the surface of the water producing a beautiful flowering blossom and elephant ear lily pads. The lily's wide petal and vivid yellow heart add beauty and tranquility to any lake, pond or water garden. Simple to grow with easy planting instructions on the packet. 30 viable hardy seeds per package. $6.00 per package. Plant in March, April or May, produces flowers to early September with bright green lotus pod in the center. Pod will then get large as a saucer, snap pod off after it turns brown and shake seeds out for next year! Contact Us for any questions or large bulk quotes!